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“My coaching experience with Janet Eastwood has been outstanding. Janet has a rare combination of very senior executive experience and a gift for teaching. Her advice is realistic, practical and deeply insightful.  

I've come away with a whole new repertoire of leadership skills that are already getting results in both my personal and professional life. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Janet Eastwood.”

 Kate Hanley, President
Digital Theory


"The experience I've had with Janet Eastwood has been incredible. If you're looking for a coach with relevant business experience, coupled with an ability to provide outstanding insight - look no further.  

Janet's approach to coaching is candid, personal and enlightening.  Do your homework, engage in the process, and believe in the journey and I promise, you'll see immediate personal and professional outcomes." 
Natalie Prychitko
Director of Transformation, OLG


"My Two Red Chairs Career Spa experience was a 10 out of 10!  It met all my expectations, allowed me to think about myself and only myself for a full day and gave me the tools and the confidence to move in the direction that I was thinking about. 

Trying to define what your life/career goals are can be difficult at times.  Janet Eastwood has a well-rounded, honest and gentle approach that gives you the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself, your life and your career. The Career Spa day allowed me to look at where I was, what I wanted and to create a plan of action to get me there. It instilled belief in myself and the courage to go out there and get what I want. 

The spa break in the middle of the day was really beneficial because you're doing so much soul searching and reflecting… it gives you a nice chance to relax and just breathe.  I really think that even if you're in the perfect job the Career Spa is a great way to  realign with yourself or just check in and see if you're on track… emotionally, physically and intellectually!"

Elena Lombardi
Creative Director


"Janet Eastwood’s seminar, Leading the Future 3.0: Executive Strategies for the Digital Age, is the most valuable executive training I've ever had.

Janet identified seven essentials for leadership success and seamlessly brought us through each segment, using relevant, real life examples. She provided a warm and friendly environment for us to freely share our obstacles and challenges.  Developing a Personal Action Plan really motivated me to commit to changing the things I'd been putting off in my career and my life. 

Janet is an extremely effective educator who kept a roomful of leaders and executives engaged throughout the entire day.  I wholeheartedly recommend her training to anyone who wants to be at the top of their game." 

Erin Kuttner, Executive Producer
Fort York VFX


"Janet Eastwood was the perfect coach for me. I was a senior leader more accustomed to providing guidance than seeking it.  Janet helped me to quickly identify and articulate what I needed for my career and kept me focused and motivated.   

Her ability to zero in on the issues positioned me to take advantage of some immediate opportunities, allowing me to check off some of my line items ahead of schedule. She was tough, accepting no excuses and together we developed real solutions to get to my end goal.  

I would recommend Janet to anyone who's interested in adding a strategic, thoughtful, intelligent and solutions-oriented person to their support roster." 

Ann-Marie Spurr
Senior Content Marketing Strategist


"I first became aware of Janet Eastwood when I attended the Canadian Women in Communications Gala, where Janet received the “Mentor of the Year” Award. After hearing her acceptance speech, I knew that I wanted to work with her as a coach. 

Janet's executive background in the media industry gave her a depth of knowledge applicable to my circumstances. She was candid, warm and (most important to me) practical. 

Like everyone else in this industry, time is my most precious commodity. I wanted an executive coach who would give me solid and effective guidance that I could truly use on a day-to-day basis. I wanted a real and tangible return for my time and money. That's exactly what I have received from Janet Eastwood."

Alyson Townsend, President & CEO 
Canadian Cable Systems Alliance